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Asteroid Scagell
Robin Scagell now has an asteroid named after him. 
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In 2007, Robin Scagell was given the Sir Arthur Clarke Award for Space Reporting

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Comet ISON, the comet that was zapped by the Sun in 2013. Click image for layout version

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Galaxy provides photographs of astronomy and space subjects to the media.
We represent the work of over 120 photographers worldwide,
and hold images from many of the major institutions and observatories.
Many of our images are unique to Galaxy and are not available elsewhere.
Our expertise and knowledge of astronomy, photography and the media provides an unrivalled service to anyone seeking astronomy images. The proprietor, Robin Scagell, is an author, consultant and broadcaster on astronomy.

Photographs are provided at commercial rates to the media. If you are interested in obtaining copies of astronomical photographs for personal use, please click here for possible sources. 

We have 15,000 images in the library, but less than 10 per cent are currently on this site. Click on the buttons below, or contact us with your requirements. For larger images please contact us, and do ask if you don't see what you are looking for or need advice. All images are copyright – if you want to use one for your own website, please ask our permission first.

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