What’s in Galaxy Picture Library?

Galaxy Picture Library carries some 15,000 pictures in the following categories:

Is there a list or a catalogue available?

Sorry, we don't have a printed catalogue. The browse images on these pages will give you a good idea of the sort of images we hold. If there is anything you need, contact us and we will tell you what's available. If you need a larger scan for layout purposes, contact us.

How much does Galaxy charge?

Reproduction fees vary widely according to the proposed use. In general, the larger the reproduction size and the wider the audience, the higher the fee. The following table gives book prices, and fees for other uses are available on application. We do not charge a search fee in most cases, though we reserve the right to do so (by prior agreement) where there is uncertainty about what is needed. VAT is additional within the UK.

Book Publishing
2009 price list
Page size 1/16 1/8 1/4 1/2  3/4 Full Cover 
UK only £50 £55 £60 £75 £100 £120 £240
UK and Commonwealth
OR single continent only excl. N America
£60 £65 £70 £85 £110 £130 £270
World Eng Lang (excl. N America)
or N American rights only
£65 £75 £85 £100 £120 £145 £290
World Eng Lang (incl N America) £90 £100 £120 £130 £150 £180 £340
World All Lang (incl N America £100 £115 £130 £150 £170 £200 £400
N American rights only if payment made in US dollars $140 $155 $165 $200 $220 $280 $545

Quantity discounts: More than 10 pictures used in one book, 10%. More than 20 pictures, 20%.
Fees apply to print only single editions, one-time non-exclusive use.
For picture sizes between those quoted, the next rate up is charged, eg a 1/3 page picture is charged at the 1/2 page price.

Can Galaxy send pictures by e-mail or ISDN?

Pictures are sent by email or if requested on CD. We do not have ISDN facilities. The normal means of delivery is to provide a lightbox of layout-resolution images on a web page, then to email high-res to order. Please note that any high-res images ordered on spec but not subsequently used will be subject to a £25 supply fee.

Can I send pictures for use in the collection?

Sorry, no. The library is now closed to new photographers