Commercial sources of photographs

People sometimes want astronomical photos for their walls. Galaxy Picture Library does not hold stocks of prints for sale, so we suggest that instead you contact a commercial supplier of prints or slides.

NASA pictures come from:

Finley-Holiday Film Corp.
Box 619
CA 90608, USA.
Phone (in USA) 800 345-6707
Fax 310 693-4756

Astronomical pictures come from:
Astronomical Society of the Pacific
390 Ashton Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94112, USA.
Phone (in US) 415 337-2624.

Slide sets of space and astronomy are available from many planetariums in the US, or in the UK from
Armagh Planetarium
Northern Ireland BT61 9DB, UK.
Phone (in UK) 01861 524725
(from abroad) (+44) 1861 524725

Alternatively, try contacting a supplier of astronomical telescopes, who may have slide sets or posters. For a list of UK suppliers, follow the links provided by the Society for Popular Astronomy.

A series of slides of constellations and other astronomical objects is available in the UK from the Federation of Astronomical Societies.