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Cemetery Tours

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Cemetery Tours 2019

Self-guided Tell Them of Us tours only this year
For the TELL THEM OF US self-guided WW1 trails of Wycombe Cemetery please click here.

Cemetery Tours 2018

'Monuments to Mourning'
A guided tour of High Wycombe Cemetery for Wycombe Museum discovering the stories behind some of the larger monuments found in the older parts of the cemetery.

'Pushing up the Daisies' for Wycombe Arts Festival.
Discover the stories behind some of the women buried in the Cemetery before they gained the right to vote. The tour includes some familiar Wycombe names but also quite a few names now long-forgotten.

'Silent Army of Trees', self-guided
Over 130 WW1 men (and one woman) are buried or remembered in High Wycombe Cemetery. The trees in the centre of the cemetery will form a giant cross with each tree bearing a remembrance card for one of the WW1 fallen. A commemoration of the end of the First World War 100 years ago.

Cemetery Tours 2017

The Art of Dying
Not a cemetery tour this year but 'THE ART OF DYING' exhibition in collaboration with artists Cally Trench and Alex Dewart.
This exhibition at Wycombe Museum shows drawings, films and paintings made in response to Wycombe Cemetery, and explores its history and the stories associated with its most remarkable monuments.

Cemetery Tours 2016

Tell Them of Us - the Somme
The tales of just some of the WW1 soldiers buried in High Wycombe Cemetery who died as a result of fighting on the Somme - their lives before and during The Great War.

Cemetery Tours 2015

Tomb with a View
Another chance to join Sally for a tour of High Wycombe Cemetery and discover the stories behind some of Wycombe’s Victorian & Edwardian farmers, corn dealers & tradesmen, including members of the Volunteer Fire Brigade.
Hosted by Friends of High Wycombe Library.

Due to the modernisation of High Wycombe Museum no further tours were organised for 2015.

Cemetery Tours 2014

Tell Them of Us
The tales of just some of the many WW1 soldiers buried in High Wycombe Cemetery - their lives before and during The Great War and, in some cases, after the armistice.
Chairway to Heaven
The stories behind some of Wycombe's early chair makers and furniture manufacturers.
Every Body Welcome
NOTE: This tour took place at Chesham Cemetery as part of The Friends of Chesham Cemetery and Chesham Museum. Hear about the local heroes buried at Chesham Cemetery.
Our World at War
NOTE: This tour took place at Little Marlow Cemetery. Discover the stories of life and death in World War I both at home and abroad.

Cemetery Tours 2013

Dead on Arrival
Early medicine, old wives tales, beliefs and prejudices. Meet the town's Victorian/Edwardian doctors, nurses and dentists.
The Times of Their Lives
NOTE: This tour took place at Little Marlow Cemetery.
Discover the tales of some of the earliest residents of Little Marlow Cemetery.

Tours for National Heritage Week 2012

Wycombe’s Women
Wealthy Wycombe
Chair Champions
Parish Poor
Tragic Tales
The Lost the Plot team for Hidden Heritage were: Richard Ogden (WDC officer)), Sally Scagell, Taryn Earley of Earley Days (history workshops for schools) and Martin Cobley, your undertaker for the day.

Tours from 2008 to 2014

With the help of fellow Plot Spotter, Richard, the cemetery maps attached to each cemetery tour (an ongoing project - only the Vaults and All and the Tell Them of Us tours carry one so far) will hopefully give you the full details of who is buried there.

Please note: There is usually some repetition in the tours, either to set the scene or to re-visit a notable family. Due to group size and weather conditions it may not be possible to visit all the graves listed in each of the following tours. If there is a particular grave that you wish to see please let me know at the start of the tour. Tours can be specifically designed for individual parties e.g. 'The Victorian Woman's World' for WI groups, 'The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker' for school groups etc. Please contact me for more information.

‘Would you be seen dead in here?’ 2008 for Wycombe Museum

(The Peace, Clarke and Skull families of Castle Hill House and their Wycombe relatives)

‘Tomb with a view’ 2009 for Wycombe Museum

(The farmers, corn dealers and tradesmen of High Wycombe including members of the Volunteer Fire Brigade)

‘Chairway to Heaven’ 2014.

(The chairmakers of High Wycombe and their families)

‘The Victorian Cemetery – a window through time’ 2011 for the High Wycombe Society

(The Pioneers of Progress who feature on the Progress Window in the Town Hall)

‘Vaults and All’ 2011 for Wycombe Museum 

(An eclectic mix of grave facts and fascinating stories including the servant girls of Easton Street) 

‘Tell Them of Us’ – an ongoing WW1 research project assisted by John Hampden Grammar School and Wycombe Abbey. See also Buckinghamshire Remembers for Wycombe men lost in WW1.

(‘When you go home, tell them of us and say: ‘For your tomorrow we gave our today’)

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