World War I graves and memorials in High Wycombe Cemetery
Our latest guide to the WW1 graves and memorials has been divided into the following sections found within the cemetery. There are five maps to look through so please scroll down the page. Click on each red dot to read the story.

The first four names below are men who are buried in Wycombe cemetery in unmarked public graves and their location is difficult to plot accurately. The fifth name has only recently been discovered on a memorial in D and is presently being researched.
G Harvey
JR Leach
T Lacey
G Easden
Thomas Wheeler
GH Pierce F Sherwin RA Hall JW Pooley GC Stone C Clay FH Turner E Brazil C Bird J Tilbury JWP Tilbury Nurse Barlow GW Gotch D Clarke HW Radcliffe EG Kempster GF Fraser AC Hale

J Butteneare Auger boys Bates boys V Wilkes GF Fraser E Carter C Neighbour & G Peddle PF Wingrove RG Westrup SA Toplis JE Pearce Mrs Fletcher E&F Newman FW Joynson A&W Worley W Woodbridge H&J Eccles CS Devereux A Gardham P Keen H Tranter SL Smith C Rose CH Lee R Goodearl AO Montague A Quarterman

E Thompson E&F Reynolds GB Parker RCW Wisdom HL Priest TE White F Gibbs B Lucas J Ferguson AJ Bliss HH Gibson CR Watkins R Butler FC Lance CH Jefferson F&R Coltman HW Southcott BRL Gardner WA Massey A Jones G Atkins J Lawrence C&T Kipping WG Page AH Penn J Blackwell & F Langley G Duke R Hobbs R Harris H Bidgood FS Bond WG Cartwright PE Howard HW Adams N Hildreth R Walters AE Stevens AF White W Quarterman F Austin WG Youens S Busby

R Harrall GA Priest C Heath HJ Collings GF Youers R Buxton H Horne AE Davis FD Humphrey C Lowe J Barry HE Abbey DL Robertson AE King F&W Barrett AH Saunders F Bishop WA Bryant AW Moxham AG Thurlow T Lee F Timms G F Stallwood

C Hatton Mrs Gray G&H Wilson FT Gaskin EW Goodchild W Beckett D Atkins G Bennett B Wood W Barrett H Coles C Smewin F Bravington Mrs Rackstraw H Merrick Heath boys
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