Vyners in the early 60s
A few pictures of interest to Vyners Old Scholars. Click to get larger versions. Images supplied by Robin Scagell.
More pictures of Ickenham taken at the same time are available here.

Obviously, this one isn't of Vyners at all but shows Uxbridge High Street at about the time Vyners was founded. In 2001, there are plans to bring back the trolleybuses! This slide has aged badly, and even this version is heavily retouched.

Before the Vyners building was opened, pupils attended schools in Northwood for the first and part of the second years. In the first year, the girls went to St Mary's in Wiltshire Lane, Northwood Hills, while the boys went to St Nicholas, next door. Both are now called Hayden School.
Another view of Wiltshire Lane. During the second year, both boys and girls took over a floor of St Mary's school and we met our new teaching staff for the first time.
Pupils on the way to school along Joel Street. The boys on their bikes wear caps and the girls wear broad-brimmed hats. All the trees and fields in the background have now been replaced by housing.
At the same time that Vyners was being built, the road by Swakeleys Lake which had previously been known as the Splash was made into a road bridge, here under construction. Art master John Spencer is seen on his way to school on his NSU Quickly moped.
Another view of the former Splash, from the Woodstock Drive end. There had previously been a footbridge over the Pinn, and a ford at the end of Swakeleys Lake with a raised walkway. 
Warren Road, outside the school, about 1960. The girls are wearing their summer uniform; their winter uniform was similar to the green skirts worn by the girls today.
Open Day, probably around 1960. The building is complete, though for the first few terms many of the classrooms were still being finished.
Headmaster Trevor Jaggar with local MP Charles Curran, in the white suit, during the Open Day.
Another view of Warren Road. You can see that the upper end of it was still unmade at this time, which prevented it becoming a through road as it is today.
Open Day, which was opened by TV personality Judith Chalmers in the rather fetching apricot hat.
Pupils would make their way home alongside Swakeleys Lake as they do today, though at this stage it was still unmade and was open to any traffic that cared to drive along, right through to the Avenue.
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