Stargazing with Binoculars
by Robin Scagell and David Frydman

Published September 2007 in the UK
Available March 14, 2008
in the US

Book cover

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This book is suitable for anyone who wants to use their binoculars to study the stars. It assumes no prior knowledge of astronomy, and tells you how to learn the sky so that you can begin finding objects with your binoculars. The star maps can be used throughout the world, in both northern and southern hemispheres.

Also included are lists of objects that can be viewed month by month, with actual descriptions of what they look like through binoculars. Specially drawn maps show you how to find the objects once you have picked out the basic constellations. There is a combination of photographs and drawings made using typical binoculars.

Many objects in the solar system, from the Moon to comets, can be viewed using binoculars, and these are covered as well. Other chapters tell you how to choose and use binoculars, and what the technical terms mean.

Contents list

Chapter 1    Introduction                                                                                    4
Chapter 2    Learning the sky                                                                         12
Chapter 3    The binocular observer's year                                                44
Chapter 4    The Solar System                                                                     116
Chapter 5    Choosing binoculars                                                              142
Chapter 6    Using binoculars                                                                      178
Appendix     (constellation list)                                                                     200
Glossary                                                                                                             202
Index                                                                                                                   206

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