Roland Clarke born 1901
Haystacks, The Green Way

Roly is weighed in as Mayor
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number BFP : 01787 (mayor's weighing-in)

This town has brought us so much wealth
It's doing wonders for our health
But just to show it's not all greed
And we serve all the proples' need
We, as councillors, all get weighed
To show the prosperity that we've made
Is not consumed in what we eat
Once we take on the mayoral seat,
We're worthy citizens, one and all,
And here to answer Wycombe's call.

Roland was the son of Arthur Clarke.  He was twice Mayor of Wycombe.  He married Joan Skull, daughter of Percy Skull, and they lived in a house called Haystacks (now demolished) which they built in the grounds of Arthur's house at Castle Hill. 
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