Loudwater lea Sheep drawing
Loudwater lea of yesteryear
Was open space both far and near,
Itís hard to think of it back then
When life was hard for mice and men.

When horse drawn coaches, London bound,
And carts of logs from woods around
Would journey up the London Road
And strain at every heavy load.

When workers to the farm or mill
Through summer heat or winter chill
Would walk along the waterís edge
Or shelter by the farmyard hedge.

And when the mills along the Wye,
With chimneys reaching to the sky,
Would summon workers to their toil,
Another day of rags to boil.

So if you want to travel back
Then click upon the carterís sack
And hitch a ride to take a look,
Itís better than a history book!

Cart on lane
Designed and rhymed by Sally Scagell Peace 2015. Old pictures courtesy of