Old Frackle walk (including farms)
Old Frackle

New Heathens Walk (including pubs)
New Heathens



This site is but an early guide,
I hope it grows both long and wide
As villagers will tell me more
On who lived where, behind which door,
But for the moment come and seek
The Flackwell folk of whom I speak.

Choose your era carefully now:
Old Frackle with its horse and plough
(Those years before the last war struck
Which changed a many local's luck)
Or take a stroll round later times
Which brought New Heathens to these climes.

Just click upon the ‘walk’ you like
You won’t need boots (or car or bike),
No need to tread our Flackwell roads,
Just do it from your own abode,
But, if you like it, why not see
The things I mention – all for free!

(And if you, too, have memories
Then click  to contact me.)