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My research into my family tree has been as a ‘dabbler’ only.  I have yet to do any thorough investigation regarding the accuracy of dates and place of births – I am reserving this for the halcyon days of my retirement! However, on behalf of the interest shown by my immediate relatives, I have written up the family gossip of my Victorian grandparents, Edwardian aunts and uncles, and twentieth century cousins which you, too, will hopefully find both interesting and entertaining.  Some repetition of details is inevitable as the following stories were written independently of each other over a period of two years.  If you have any connection with the Peace, Wane, Skull or Nicholson  families of High Wycombe and can add further details to my family history please contact me.

Tally-man, Tailor, Soldier, Peace  – Tales from Tailoring
The birth and development of the family tailoring firm

The Peace Family of Castle Hill – Fragments of Memory
The story of a Victorian family at work, rest and play

The Skulls – the Skeleton in the Cupboard
Hidden secrets of a Wycombe chair manufacturing family

Bassetsbury Manor – A Recent History
Uncle's restoration of the Manor during the last century

The Butcher, the Tailor, the Candlestick Maker
A short tale of three boys growing up in High Wycombe during the 1920s

A 1950s and 1960s Childhood
My Buckinghamshire childhood.

A Wycombe childhood between the Wars
Written specially for children

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