Welcome to Charden-on-Avon

Charden-on-Avon, location unknown,
Is like any hamlet you'll find near your home,
It's full of the people we meet every day,
With all of them having a huge part to play
In making our world such an interesting place
(Though not all of the locals think this is the case),
So come, walk around, just click on the map,
If you run out of time you can always come back.

But take care of the spate of thefts that abound,
And sadly the police force are rarely around,
There's no village bobby to help catch their man
But there's nothing to stop you, so try if you can.
The clues will surround you, just bear this in mind
It’s truly amazing the things that you’ll find,
If you think that you know, then to see if you’re right,
Just click on the witness who saw them one night

village map
Click on the map to enter the village then scroll to instruction box
(full scale map may initially take some time to load)

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Charden-on-Avon written and designed by Sally Scagell Peace 2005. Copyright Sally Scagell Peace