Neighbourhood Watch
The Misses Twitchen, old and grey,
On ‘doggy do’s’ have much to say,
They really think it isn’t fun
To clear the verge of all that dung.
The trouble is, as they have found,
They live too near the playing ground
And people have to pass that way
To watch their children go and play
And so it’s natural, they’d agree,
To walk the dog for company.
But if these owners were controlled
They wouldn’t need the paths patrolled,
They’ve read such items in the news
And gathered up the peoples views
And know there is an easier way
To keep these ‘doggy do’s’ at bay.
And now the council’s voted in
Their path should get a brand new bin
The Misses Twitchen think it’s super
To have a bin with pooper scooper!

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