This is Tom


This is Tom and this his wife,
He lives a pretty normal life,
In a pretty normal house,
With his pretty normal spouse,
But suddenly his darling wife,
Deserts Tom for another life,
So now then let our story start,
With normal Tom, and wife, apart.
Tom gets dressed for normal work,
He covers up the dreadful hurt
And off he goes to normal desk
And tries to do his level best,
But his world has split in two,
He doesn’t know quite what to do,
And soon his normal life is shunned,
No normal work can he get done,
And so his boss in normal way,
Tells Tom he’s stopping all his pay.
No one understands poor Tom,
He cannot think where he’s gone wrong,
His mates all hope his marriage mends,
Depression loses normal friends.
’Help me out of my despair,
Show me that you really care
I’ve tried to pull myself together,
Saying that won’t make me better.’
But it’s so hard to make them hear,
To lend a sympathetic ear,
So every day gets worse and worse,
Poor normal Tom thinks he will burst,
And quite abnormally for him
His tears are very near the brim.
Then strange things happen to his life,
- he wishes he was with his wife -
He can’t explain what’s going on
But something tells him things are wrong.
He’s afraid of every crowd,
Every noise seems extra loud,
He no longer goes to town,
His friends say ‘Oh. don’t fool around!’
But Tom just simply will not go,
He’s shaking now from head to toe,
But asked what’s wrong he’ll simply say
’I’m just a little down today,
Tomorrow I’ll be fine I’m sure’,
But deep inside his problems gnaw.
I feel I’m up against a wall,

I don’t feel normal now at all’.
But what is normal anyway?
We’re all so different who can say.
But now each night, alone in bed,
Abnormal worries fill his head,
’I’m too scared to venture out,
I either want to cry or shout,
But staying in is also hard,
From life in general I feel barred,
Someone help me, hear this plea,
Take my worries, make me free’.
But things don’t happen just like that,
To survive he must adapt
And so our pretty normal guy
Lives a life that is a lie.
His groceries are now on order,
A neighbour has to act as porter,
’I’m sorry you’ve to bring them here,
My car has broken down I fear,’
And ‘No, I won’t go for that walk,
It looks like rain, we may might get caught,’
Or ‘Do you mind if we eat here,
That restaurant does look very dear.
He tosses in his normal bed,
Tomorrow an abnormal dread,
His normal self can’t bear the strain,
He hates these acts he has to feign.
His normal worries make him tired,
But now his sleep is also marred
By fears that seem to flood his mind,
How can this life be so unkind?
And reaching for another drink
Something stops and makes him think,
He need never wake again,
With sleeping pills they’d be no pain,
But STOP Tom, try and look ahead
At a better life instead,
A normal life for normal you,
To live as normal people do,
But first you need to overcome
The fears inside that must be won.
Many people are like you
And many don’t know what to do,
Strains of life can give a beating,
But they’re always worth defeating,
So, go on, have another go,
You’re NOT abnormal Tom, you know.


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