This is the site of the toilet block
That was here for forty years
But vandalised, no chain, no lock
Was home to many fears.
By day you entered warily,
Held doors closed with your toes
And trod through puddles carefully
Which added to your woes.
No paper, soap or dryer there,
No place to hang your bag,
Just foul graffiti everywhere,
It really was so sad.
So now they’ve got a cabin loo,
It costs you twenty pence
But only used by very few,
The signage makes no sense.
You wouldn’t use it on your own
But it’s made for only one,
For it’s claustrophobic all alone,
If you can’t get out, you’re done!
So the weeds have grown up all around,
The shrubs are six foot tall,
But the youths are happy since they’ve found
They can pee against its wall!

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