The Auberge

This used to be the Queen's Head pub
But that was long ago
It's now a fancy restaurant
As its menu board will show.
It isn't really quite the place
For a village of this size
But the owners hope a few reviews
Will win a five star prize.
This quaint old inn has much to tell
Of the brewery trade these days
It sadly fell within their spell,
Re-named the Snail and Maze.
But now new owners, Jean and Jacques,
Have closed the pub bit down
And if you want to drink real ale
You'll have to walk to town.
The only link now to this name
Are the snails in garlic sauce,
Or to the queens of former days
Are the owners now, of course.

And Jean does all the fish and meat,
And, Jacques, patisserie,
He's very skilled at making sweets
Especially Tarte aux Fruits.
Jean excels with chicken breasts,
He's a breeze with Coq au Vin,
He lets it marinade in wine
Then seasons in the pan.
He's extra good with fishy meals,
Just take his Fruits de Mer,
They really have a way with food
This jolly handsome pair.
They fit in well with village life
Although they come from France,
They always help out where they can
With Breton elegance,
And though the village Jack-the-lads
Have various words to say,
The locals wish them all the best
And hope that they will stay.

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