Sensible Shoes

I've worked here now for many a year,
Though poorly paid I hold it dear
To see the seasons' constant change
It gives my work a varied range,
From ploughing fields and sowing seeds,
To harvesting or growing peas,
To mending fences, building walls,
Hearing when the cuckoo calls
That tells me spring is in the air,
And watching foxes in their lair,
Or fishing over by the stream,
I really see the whole extreme
Of all that nature has to give,
There is no other way to live.
I've never ventured far away,
I've tried the town but couldn't stay,
And who needs wealth to throw around?
I'd rather hear the natural sound
Of flocking geese and humming bees,
See blossom blown on scented breeze,
Of country lanes and fields of rape,
The beauty of the whole landscape,
In cold like ice or wet with rain,
Each day is new and not the same
As those that have to stay inside,
Now that's a life I can't abide,
My son he loves his city life,
And took his girls and second wife
To set up home in crowded street,
Lor', how it really made me weep
That week I stayed to babysit
I wouldn't change my life one bit.
And it was all so noisy there,
I realised that I couldn't bear
To move away from all I love,
From open space, blue sky above,
From summer sun and winter snow,
The countryside is all I know,
And when my son said 'go and buy
Something nice from my wife and I,
Perhaps a ticket for a play
Or take a coach ride for the day',
I thought it very good of him 
But visited the free museum,
And with the money that I saved
I bought the only thing I craved,
It really wasn't hard to choose
A stout new pair of walking shoes.

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