Twilight's Wonder

Once upon a summer’s evening,
Just as the sky grew dark but clear,
They saw a small light faintly gleaming
In the hedgerow as they drew near.
And on the grasses gently blowing,
Fanned by the breeze as they walked by,
Were tiny beacons brightly glowing
And so they sought the reason why.
Peering down among the flowers
They spied a truly wondrous sight,
Clinging tightly from the bowers,
Were glow worms with their tails alight.
Seldom had they seen such splendour
When on their weekly journey out,
Or found a sight so sweetly tender,
With nature’s lanterns all about.
So now then, when the days get longer,
And herald in the month of June
They’re out there, seeking twilight’s wonder,
When glow worms far eclipse the moon.