Free Mrs Dee

She's working hard is Mrs Dee,
She dailies for the Channings,
She works to feed her family
But while she cleans she's planning.
She'd love to have a break away
She'd like to see her aunt,
A weekend visit to the bay,
But Ron will say she can't.
Her husband Ron is unemployed,
He's now gone long-term sick
And Mrs Dee is most annoyed,
She hopes it's not a trick.
And now her Reggi's lost his job,
They've given him the sack
And so he's joined the local mob
She knows are into smack.
Poor Mrs Dee who tries so hard
To keep the bailiffs out
Is married to a lump of lard
And now her son's a lout.
It's not a weekend that she needs,
She really wants her freedom,
And now she thinks and now she sees
Her menfolk – does she need them?
She waits on them does Mrs Dee
But what do they return?
She gives herself to them for free
But do they ever learn?
And so she plans her getaway,
She's never coming back,
Why should she break her back all day?
She wants the life she lacks.
She'd love to see her Auntie Vi
And Aunti Vi would love it,
It's time she kissed her Ron goodbye
And told her son to shove it.

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