Five Little Girls

Jamie Perkins, just turned thirty,
With his wife can get quite flirty,
Now the dad of five great kids
They’re just about to make it six.
Five little children under nine
And now another, well that’s just fine,
But all the five are sweet little girls,
With auburn hair or bright red curls,
None are keen on football matches
Or watching clever rugby catches,
This time he’d like to have a boy,
A son would bring our James great joy,
He’s read the books and done his stuff
Now surely that should be enough
To make the y’s and x’s balance,
And make a son with sporting talents.
Maggie Perkins, now in labour,
Doesn’t let her preference waver,
Glad she’ll be with any child
However sweet, however wild,
But, she thinks, it would be good
To have a son, if now they could,
And so she’s also read the books
Genes for height, and genes for looks,
And chromosomes to make a son
And followed all that can be done,
And so the moment has arrived,
The time for which they both have strived,
A wriggling baby soon appears
And it’s a boy, at last, three cheers!