The Chit-Chatterer

Mrs Glossip of 'The View'
Likes to gossip, as you do,
She's full of stories that she's heard,
Some of glories, mostly hers,
Tales of local mysteries
Or people's so-called histories,
And you might spend a morning there
If you can't fight that friendly stare,
And though she doesn't mean much harm
I'm sure Miss Trussent, on the farm,
Will feel ill-treated when she knows
She's oft repeated down the road,
And though the twins are somewhat weird
And Charlie Flynn has grown a beard,
It's surely of no consequence
When very few whims make much sense,
It purely is the way we are,
There's really much worse things by far,
So why distrust them one and all
And why discuss it and then fall
Into the trap of those who gossip,
For there's plenty who chat about Marjorie Glossip!

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