Fruit and Fibre

She leads the local keep-fit group,
At sixty eight it’s quite a scoop,
On wheatgerm rolls and low fat spread,
On fruit and fibre they are fed.
Twice round the church then back again
Down to the hall and along the lane,
With pelvic roll and tummy tuck

They touch their toes (with a bit of luck).
Jogging along at quite a trot
They’re not allowed to walk or stop,
But continue on along the stream,
They certainly make a polished team.
Over the stile or in through the gate,

No one’s allowed to stop and wait,
So they eat their fibre, eat their fruit
Eat their pulses and low fat soup,
And exercise their minds each day
With memory games they all can play,
Jogging along to keep them sane
Around the village and back again.

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