Jaunty’s Birthday

Jaunty had a birthday, she's now thirteen and a day
But looks a great deal older, as her Aunty Rue will say,
For Jaunty's that much larger than many a girl her age,
They hope she's finished growing but it's difficult to gauge.
The trouble is poor Jaunty does so enjoy her food,
She's not just tall, she's spherical (at the risk of being rude).
Now Jaunty's always wanted to have a pony of her own
And now her mother's bought one as her wish was not unknown,
The pony's kept in stables, at Mr Jennings farm,
But it's not just Mr Jennings who views Jaunty with alarm,
The pony's none too happy at the bulk it has to take
And Jaunty, squashed in jodhpurs, looks a fearful lot of weight!
It's done it's level hardest to free her from its girth
But Jaunty, being spherical, just bounces off the earth.
It's not too keen on trotting (with any child on board)
But with Jaunty's bulk upon it it's not easy to ignore,
The farmer doesn’t like to see his creatures in such pain
So plans another tactic before young Jaunty mounts again.
He has a huge old shire horse which is stabled in his barn
And now Jaunty's found her soulmate down on Jennings Farm.



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