The Last Laugh

Mrs Pratt dislikes her name
And wishes she was Smith again,
She thought that Smith was bad enough
But Pratt is made of joker's stuff,
And poor old Ian, her other half,
Has had to live the longest laugh
With I. B. Pratt on every cheque,
It could have made his life a wreck,
Instead he turned 'Comedian',
A clever move for husband Ian,
And made his wealth from telling jokes,
He's better off than many blokes,
With show-time trips to Benidorm
(They say his jokes go down a storm),
To summer seasons at Torbay
(They have a nice flat where they stay),
But Mrs Pratt would still prefer
Another surname just for her,
And though there's other names far worse,
Her married name she's lived to curse,
They think she's part of I.B.'s act
And can't believe it's really fact
That she's a Mrs Ina Pratt,
Now names don't come much worse that that!

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