Village Drama

 drama Club
‘Auditions, please wait’ said the note on the gate,
‘Please call into the drama club,
No matter how far come just as you are,
There’s parking next to the pub’.
They’re desperately needing, for the play that they’re reading,
- it’s a murder mystery quite foul,
A few younger members to stir up the embers
Before they all throw in the towel.
They’re all over sixty and some not so nifty
At getting across the school stage
But they’re certainly keen to develop the scene
And it’s gripping them all, page by page.
One of their group, who plays leads for the troupe,
Is still wanting the play's title role
But her body, quite curvy, is making them nervy
She’s rather too large now, poor soul.
They’ve cast the young major, (not that young they’ll wager),
But a truly desirable gent,
His voice and his bearing, the clothes that he’s wearing
Would seem that he’s come heaven sent.
So they’ll see if the girls, (well, more women with curls),
Will now be encouraged to come,
It’s a challenging play with plenty to say
And there’s still loads of work to be done.
Then in through the door comes a girl men adore,
Her name is Miss Rosie de Haver,
She’s just what they need for playing the lead
And dear Rosie they’re sure will not waver.
But the curvy lead lady, whose real name is Sadie,
Has her eye on the handsome young major,
As the play now unfurls keep an eye on these girls
As the Major has eyes on de Haver.
Now they’ve all learnt their lines, it’s taken some time,
But Sadie is not at all happy
She’s partnered with Reaves, he’s old with frail knees,
And she’d rather have some other chappie.
And it’s all a bit shady, with Rosie our lady
Who likes to put men at their ease,
She’s now after the Major, is Madam de Haver
And so Sadie is not very pleased.
But the gentleman wearing the haute couture bearing
Is not all that they think him to be,
And he’s easily pleased with a nice bit of sleaze
As dear Rosie can cunningly see.
She knows that her part can be played as a tart
And she’s more than happily willing,
It’s a really good bit for a woman of wit
And she wants to be top of the billing.
Sadie’s now lost the match, she’s simply no catch,
But there’s something she’ll cheerfully savour,
She’s playing the part where she thrusts to the heart
A dagger in Rosie de Haver.

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