Deeds for Need
‘Now Guides, please gather if you would,
I really think today we should
Sew our patchwork if we can
- settle down now, Lou and Jan -
It’s for the Third World, as you know,
And so we want each square to show
Just how much we really care
For their conditions over there,
- now Jaunty, look your needle's here
but keep your stitches small my dear -
And every coloured patch we sew
- no, just a knot Jo, not a bow -
Will tell them we support their need
Despite our lives of Western greed
- now Tamsin, gosh that’s awfully good
but, perhaps my dear, I think you could
try to keep your patterns clear
or it will be too pink I fear -
Remember, Guides, the thoughts we feel
For these poor people’s rotten deal
And let’s imagine if you please
- Louise, Janice, now don’t tease -
Of what it must be like for them
- yes, tribal wars, but don’t condemn,
and yes, Jo, weather is to blame,
and, Gemma, global warming is our shame
but look at all our four wheel drives
they share a part in all these lives -
Now, Guides, let's measure where we are,
Oh dear, we’re still not very far,
Another day we’ll do some more,
But now let’s put it back in store.’

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