Helping Hands

Granny Lee collects used wool,
Her bedroom chest is very full,
Of yellow, blue and red and green,
The widest range you’ve ever seen,
Because old Granny loves to knit
And make you presents as a gift.

She also sells things at the fayre,
For charity she does her share,
There’s little boots for babies' feet,
And tiny mittens, oh so sweet,
There’s cardigans for every child
And knitting patterns, neatly filed.

There’s jumpers, striped from top to toe,
And knitted shawls with ribbon bow,
There’s woolly vests for older men
And woolly pants for matching them.
And little clothes for children's toys,
And teddy bears for girls and boys.

There’s gloves and scarves and also hats
And socks with toes, and that’s a fact,
And woolly cosies for the pot,
To keep the water nice and hot,
And knitted blankets for the old
To keep them free from catching cold.

And Granny also crochets too,
You’ll find her work in Bunty’s loo,
Those little dresses for the dolls
That cover up her toilet rolls,
And pastel rugs for bathroom floors,
And runners, too, for chests of drawers.

There’s lacy tops for Mrs Pratt,
Tho’ many wouldn’t dress like that,
And dainty doilies very fine
That must take Granny lots of time,
And little mats for Mother’s Day
Because it’s not a lot to pay.

There’s crocheted covers for the milk,
To keep the flies off lest it’s spilt
With pretty beads which overhang
And make a very pleasing ‘clang’,
And little hats for breakfast eggs,
What will old Granny think of next?
Granny Lee