Common Ground

Praveena and Pru are the greatest of friends

But they do like to argue and then make amends
But neither one likes to be first to give in,
To Pru that is almost committing a sin,
And because she's the oldest of five tricky girls
It's amazing how often the language she hurls
At four little sisters who cannot agree,
She likes to be right does Pruscilla, you see.

And Praveena who's youngest, she too now has found
That to get her own way she must stand firm her ground.
For Praveena has too many brothers at home
And though in her culture it's commonly known
That she'll do as they say when they grow to be men
She's taking no orders from them until then.
So these two little girls who are in the same class
In matters of friendship are learning quite fast.

And Pru with four sisters who all want her toys,
Well she's quite used to making a fair bit of noise,
For she's learnt that it helps to be large and be loud
When airing your views to an obstinate crowd.
Praveena, with brothers, has learnt different ways
And has found female cunning now frequently pays
And taking diplomacy a step at a time
Is doing quite well for a child under nine.

The Pandeys and Perkins, from cultures apart,
Are pleased that their children are making this start
For it's good that the girls see the world through fresh eyes
As they have much in common from households this size,
And if they can learn from a new point of view
Then it's more than each other they're taking home too,
For the country's fast changing, as everyone knows,
And it's really much nicer being friends and not foes.

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