Bozer's Revenge

Mrs Marsh reads constantly
And loves all thrillers on TV,
Detective stories are her thing,
She loves a tale that holds a sting,
Murder crimes or robbery
Will have her gripped as you will see,
She loves to guess the guilty one
And doesn't like injustice done
But just one murder seems quite tame,
And makes the story rather lame,
And so she likes good twists and turns
And from these stories often learns
Some helpful hints for stopping crimes
To help her through these troubled times,
For though she likes an evil tale
She's certain that she'd soon bewail
A real life thug or burglary,
And fearing this is meant to be,
Has bought herself dear Bozer here
Whose bark and size have brought much fear,
And with the spate of local thefts
She's found a dog is really best
For he's already saved the day
And chased a burglar on his way,
And now she's turned detective sleuth
And has, she thinks, condemning proof,
For Bozer, limping home with pride,
With metal dart stuck in his side,
Now holds the clue the village need
To stop this robber and his greed,
Tomorrow she will pass it on
And see that Bozer's fight is won.

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