Bed and Breakfast
Bunty Bennett’s B and B
Is pretty typical as you’ll see,
Her windows all have nets with lace
Because she thinks it makes it ‘naice’,
Her house is large but far too creaky,
Her beds are hard and, oh, so squeaky,
The rooms all come with en suite shower,
It's just a shame there’s limited power.
Her lounge is full of bits and pieces,
Photo frames of nephews and nieces,
The china collection of ugly cats
Is almost as bad as the crocheted hats
Found on the toilet rolls in the loo
And now the tissues are wearing them too!
Her English breakfast isn’t too bad
But the tinned tomatoes look a bit sad,
The bacon could certainly be a bit better,
The yolks of the eggs a little bit wetter,
The coffee’s all right though the tea could be stronger,
It’s fine for a night though not any longer,
But generally speaking it’s bright and it’s clean
And it’s not like some of the places you’ve been.

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