Albert Wilks

Village memories: Farming (picture from SWOP website)

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Research on this person has drawn a blank. There is already one ALBERT WILKS listed on the War Memorial. The 1911 Census shows us that there were three families of Wilks/Wilkes in the Flackwell Heath/High Wycombe area and each one had a son named Albert! 1. Albert b 1882 son of Frederick & Emily died 6th November 1914 aged 32yrs (b FH) 2. Albert b 1884 son of George & Eliza and brother of Ernest who died 16th May 1915 (b FH) and Vincent died 20th Feb 1919 (b FH)Surname spelt WILKES. 3. Albert b 1885 in High Wycombe son of John & Martha, brother of Harry Wilks died 19th July 1916 The last two Alberts are both possible candidates BUT most likely to be the last option as the surname is spelt the same. If it is this Albert then in 1911 he was with the 2nd Berkshire Regiment and he was away in India with the Military. In 1901 he had been living at Gordon Road with his widowed father John, a housekeeper and his brother Robert and sister Clara. At this time he was a chairmaker, his father was a builder and his sister a dressmaker. Unfortunately there are several Abert Wilks on the CWGC website and no information as to next of kin is given so we cannot be sure which one is correct. Research into Army service papers online has also drawn a blank. There is a record for him on the Buckinghamshire Remembers site but no information is given. Therefore research is ongoing.

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