The Why Family

Heath End Road

Family tree - please contact me with any corrections

Name William H or John WHY
Age 30
Date of death 30 Jul 1916 France & Flanders
How died/Theatre of war Killed in action
Parents John & Anne Why
Notes SDGW gives surname as Wye and number as 12550. Surname spelled Wye on Medal Index Card
Information taken from the Buckinghamshire Remembers website.

William is linked to the Bryant family, a familiar surname in this area. As a result he could be related, albeit distantly, to some of our other war memorial men. Certainly Martha Bryant was the grandmother of Thomas Durrant. He could also be related to James Witney (and in turn to Alfred Bowler) through the Why line as James's grandmother would appear to be a Louisa Why. Could James and William's great grandfathers be brothers perhaps? Only time will tell.

Do Why descendants still live in the village today?

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