The Redding Family

Abbey Barn Farm

Family tree

Name William REDDING
Age 37
Date of death 8 Jun 1916 France & Flanders
Parents Joseph & Annie Redding
Wife Edith Redding

Information taken from the Buckinghamshire Remembers website.

William Redding married Edith Fassnidge and the Fassnidge family are connected to many familiar surnames, Smith, Weedon, Pym, Collins, Pusey and Goodwin. It is therefore likely that William will be distantly related to other men on the war memorial through his marriage but his most immediate link is to Joseph Jeremiah Smith who was the brother of Edith's sister's husband, and William Collins who was the cousin of Edith's brother's wife. Annie Fassnidge's sister was Ruth Collins who married Ernest Gibson. However, I am presently unable to connect Ernest to Edwin Gibson, the husband of Edith Redding, William's sister. Another familiar surname on this Redding tree is Baldwin but so far I have been unable to find the necessary link to our other memorial man with the same surname.

Redding descendants still live in the village today.
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