The Rogers boys

The fields where the boys would have worked Keeper's Cottage

You can find more about the Rogers Boys from the following website:

I am William Rogers' great granddaughter and now live in Oxford but was born in Isis Way, Bourne End. My great grandfather, William, and his wife Lottie had five children: William, Ernest, Ivy, Violet and Frederick (Ted) who was my grandad. My grandad lived in Keeper's Cottage in Sheepridge (the detached cottage next to the Crooked Billet pub) with my nan Lilian and this is where my dad, Ron, was born. They moved to Flackwell Heath and then Isis Way in Bourne End where I was born. Dad was their only child and sadly died in November 2013. He lived in Bourne End all his life. My grandad and dad worked at Jacksons but before that grandad helped build the Chalklands estate, in Bourne End, where my dad lived from 1964 to 2013. William's widow, Lottie, remarried and became a Bradley, having two more children and ending up in Winchmore Lane. Lots of the Rogers' descendants live or lived in Marlow and the Bourne End area including my great uncles and aunts and my second cousins. Tracey Rogers 2014 Note: Lottie Bradley is buried in Fern Lane Cemetery, Little Marlow.

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