The Smith Family

Smith's cottage (picture from SWOP website)

Family tree - please contact me with any corrections

Name Joseph Jeremiah SMITH
Age 32
Date of death 3 Feb 1919 United Kingdom
Parents George & Esther Smith
Information taken from Ruth Bowler.

There were several Smith families in the village in the 1900s. No doubt many Smith boys and girls were related by this time but it is difficult to work out who was the descendant of who since many shared the same christian names eg George, Joseph, Arthur and Mary. Joseph's death is well documented however and so we are able to trace his ancestors to link them back to the Weedon family. Thus Joseph will be linked to George Weedon and, albeit distantly, to James Lewis. He is also be linked to James Anderson through another Weedon marriage and to William Redding via the Fassnidge family.
Smith descendants still live in the village today.
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