The Witney Family

Chopstick Alley/Fairview Lane

Family tree - please contact me with any corrections

Name James WITNEY
Age 28
Date of death 25 Sep 1918 Egypt
Parents late George & Mary Witney
Wife Lucy Lily Adby (formerly Witney)
Information taken from the Buckinghamshire Remembers website.

James Witney was the brother-in-law of Alfred Bowler, also on the war memorial. He is descended, on his maternal side, via a Smith family. This means James is a cousin of Frederick Beal as their mother's were sisters. The Smiths, in turn, are linked to the Whys and Gibsons via marriage and no doubt further links will reveal themselves to connect these families to the other war memorial names. James will certainly be related, albeit distantly, to Vincent and Ernest Wilk(e)s and quite possibly to William Why (see their trees).

Do Witney descendants still live in the village today?

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