The Payne Family

Folley's Row

Family tree - please contact me with any corrections

It is believed that James was the illegitimate son of Florence Payne and she and James appear to have lodged with the Dean family who later adopted him. Florence later married the Dean's next door neighbour, widower Charles Stokes. It would appear that the families probably remained in contact with one another as Paynes and Stokes are living together in later census records.
James married Helen May Beasley but after his death Helen married George Barnes. It is more than likely that George was the brother of Frederick Barnes who is also on the war memorial. Certainly the dates would seem to fit but there were two George Barnes born in or around the same year and only further research will prove this one way or the other. Helen and the Barnes family appear to be next door neighbours at Folley's Row in Flackwell Heath.

Do Payne descendants still live in the village today?

Please note that Buckinghamshire Remembers have mixed up James Payne, above, with his cousin at Railway Place who survived the war.
Name James PAYNE
Age 28
Date of death 19 Apr 1917 Palestine
Parents Jane Payne widow, Railway Place
Wife Helen May Barnes formerly Payne
Information taken from the Buckinghamshire Remembers website.

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