The Lewis Family

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Name James William LEWIS
Age 19
Date of death 19 26 Apr 1918 France & Flanders
Parents Edward Charles & Catherine Lewis
Information taken from the Buckinghamshire Remembers website.

James Lewis came from a large family and although his brothers did their share for King and Country only James was killed. Two of his brothers married two Weedon girls, the sisters of George Weedon. This Weedon connection also links James to James Anderson whose mother was also a Weedon. James Lewis is also linked to Ernest Barton whose mother was an aunt to his two Weedon sisters-in-law. Please see all these trees. James is also distantly linked to William Mayo, also Lewis descended, through a Deane marriage several generations further back - please see William Mayo's tree.

Do Lewis descendants still live in the village today?
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