Hubert Secker

His grave Nat Bowler's poem

Hubert Secker is buried in Fern Lane Cemetery, Little Marlow. His grave lies next to that of his uncle, Matthew Hall, who was also the uncle of WW1 casualty Arthur Hall.
Their matching pink granite headstones are easily found as you walk beside and towards the back of the chapel. Although Hubert does not have a Commonwealth War Grave headstone this does not necessarily mean that his death from influenza (after the armistice in 1918) excluded him from having one. Recent research would suggest that the Seckers chose to pay for a private family memorial instead. The inscription on his headstone certainly provides details of his war service and his name on the Flackwell Heath War Memorial provides further evidence that he was considered to be a casualty of war by the local villagers.
For these reasons, and also due to the season in which he was buried (November/December), it is believed that it was Hubert's funeral that is remembered by Nat Bowler in his poem in 'Frackle Mosaic' about a military funeral in Flackwell Heath.
(Note: Although George Plumridge would also be a candidate for the poem he died in September.)

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