The Secker Family

Chapel Road

Family tree - please contact me with any corrections

Name Hubert (Herbert) Ray SECKER

Age 24
Date of death 28 Nov 1918 United Kingdom
Parents Edward Arthur & Rachel H Secker
Information taken from Ruth Bowler.

Hubert is descended from a Howard/Hall maternal line. Although his grandfather William was actually still married to his first wife, Jane, he set up home with Amelia leaving his first wife in Marlow. William didn't marry Amelia until after Jane's death thus the children born from his relationship with Amelia bear the surname Howard Hall or Hall Howard. Although there appears to be no link to James and Elizabeth Hall on the George Plumridge tree there may be a link to Joseph Jeremiah Smith via the Howard line. Hubert is a first cousin of Arthur Hall - see Arthur Hall's tree. Hubert's aunt and uncle, Harriet and Henry Secker, lived at the White House, Heath End and it is believed that Arthur Hall's family lived near by.

Do Secker descendants still live in the village today?
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