The Weedon Family

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Family tree - please contact me with any corrections

Name George James WEEDON
Age 43
Date of death 10 Dec 1920 Farnham Royal
Parents Jeremiah & Mary Weedon
Wife Sylvia Margaret Weedon
Information taken from Ruth Bowler.

George is the brother of Louisa and Daisy who married two Lewis boys, the brothers of James Lewis on the war memorial. George is also related to James Anderson via James's maternal Weedon line (George Weedon's step-uncle William was the great grandfather of James Anderson - confusing huh?). George will also be related to Joseph Smith through his cousin Esther Smith nee Weedon who was Joseph's mother. It is not clear where George lived in Flackwell Heath. The Weedon family once had an orchard here but several generations on it is likely that George was living elsewhere in the village.

Weedon descendants still live in the village today.
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