The Brooks Family

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Family tree

Name Ernest Brooks
Age 30
Date of death 1 JULY 1916 France
Parents John & Susan Brooks nee Twitchen
Wife Rose Brooks nee Johnson

Information taken from Ruth Bowler.

The Brooks have a complex tree with Brooks marrying Brooks. Plumridge, and possibly Smith and Rose, connections have yet to be researched so there is every chance that Ernest will be connected to other Flackwell Heath memorial names and perhaps to Percy Twitchen on the Little Marlow War Memorial since both these WW1 men have Little Marlow ancestors.
Ernest is distantly related to Charles Twitchen (d.1919) on the Reading War Memorial who is descended from the brother of his great great grandfather! Ernest's mother's family suffered severe family losses in 1919, possibly from the flu epidemic or another contagious infection, with his mother Susan, his aunt Fanny and his grandmother (also Fanny) all dying in the same year. Do Brooks descendants still live in the village today?
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