Ernest Barton

Melbourne Cottage, photo courtesy of Graham Partridge

Ernest Barton was a relative of the two Flackwell Heath Barton men who were convicted of rioting in the 1830 Paper Riots. So, sadly, the Barton family, still living in Flackwell Heath during WW1, had to get used to yet another loss.
Our picture shows Melbourne Cottage (photo courtesy of Graham Partridge) the home that Ernest's father moved to in 1875. It is situated just off The Common. Its name is possibly due to Riot descendants who ended their days in Australia but is more likely named after Lord Melbourne who was involved in the trial. Ernest's grandfather, Edmund Barton, although convicted for his part in the riots, was not transported but Edmund's brother, David, and his brother-in-law Samuel Summerfield were.
(Barton family members are buried in High Wycombe Cemetery but the early Barton graves are unmarked and difficult to find.)

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