The Lewis Family

Folley's Row

Family tree

Name Edgar LEWIS
Age 27
Date of death 19 Jul 1916 France & Flanders
How died/Theatre of war Killed in action
Parents George & late Mary Lewis
Wife Elizabeth Sarah Ann Knight

Information taken from Ruth Bowler.

Although Edgar was born in Chichester he is related to a Wycombe Veary family and also to a Wycombe Wooster family via his mother Mary Veary and her sister Ellen Wooster. (He and his brother Albert are both recorded as lodging with the Wooster family in the census records). It is just possible that Edgar is distantly related to James Lewis and William Mayo (also Lewis descended) but so far any connection remains elusive. (However, the King family and the Swain family, both Flackwell Heath surnames which appear on Edgar's tree, may help us to resolve this puzzle in due course).
Unlike many of our memorial men Edgar Lewis had several children before he was killed and so descendants may still live in the area today.

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