The Wilks Family

Sedgmoor Road

Family tree - please contact me with any corrections

Name Albert Wilks
Age 32
Date of death 06 Nov 1914 France & Flanders
Parents Frederick & Emily Wilks
Information taken from the Buckinghamshire Remembers website.

Albert was the son of Frederick Wilks of Shipton, Oxon, and Emily Summerfield. Emily was a cousin of the father of Samuel and Joseph Summerfield. Albert's aunt Minnie (his mother's sister) married Joseph Plumridge and they were the parents of George Plumridge making George and Albert first cousins. See George's tree.
Albert's Wilks line links him to Vincent and Ernest Wilk(e)s and Albert and Harry Wilks who would all be first cousins. He is also related to Leonard Savill whose sister, Mabel, married his cousin Arthur Wilks. Albert's family lived in Sedgmoor Road but it is not clear as to where.
Wilks descendants still live in the village today.

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