John Skull born 1796 
Newland: exact location unknown
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 01091
I'm a son of Thomas Skull,
(The one that's Charles's brother)
My father moved to Middlesex
And lives there with my mother.
He makes the chairs just like I do
But I remained back here,
I feel that work is plentiful
But I'll review next year.

I've settled down in Newland,

It's the place you need to be,
There's work here for the asking
And it seems just right for me
My son will move to Lambeth
But my grandson will return,
Each one of us a chair man
And each one will take his turn.

John was the son of Thomas and Sarah Skull née Withall, and the brother of Mary. His first wife was Rebecca Penn and his second wife was Charlotte North. His son, Thomas, also married into the North family.
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