Henry Wane born 1863
Draper's apprentice
Church Street
Church Street
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number BFP : 03085 
On every Wycombe corner
A draper's shop front stood,
And every Wycombe woman
Would enter if she could
To sift through silks and linens
For tablecloths and hose,
For ribbons, lace and buttons
To sew upon her clothes.

Maids went with their wages

To select new lengths of cloth
To replace their worn out garments
Destroyed by mud or moth,
It was, of course, the habit
To make your dress or blouse,

But those who had no savings
Would simply go to browse.

But if you had the money
Then a dressmaker was found
And just like all the tailors,
There were plenty here around,
The Luttmans and the Janes's
Both had daughters who could sew
And their busy little business
Used the drapers' shops below.

Henry Wane was the youngest son of Isaac and Eliza Treacher of Barmoor and Red Barn Farm. He moved to London and continued in the hosiery trade.
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