May (Mary) Redington born 1880
Harlow House, London Road/Harlow Road

Harlow House
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number MHW : 08742 (Harlow House later became St Bernards Convent School)

I was part of the Redington tribe
With close relations near and wide,
My father dealt in goods of gold,
(Some he bought and some he sold),
My dear mama from Barmoor Farm
No doubt had seen my fatherís charm
And brought forth children one by one,
(They gave his name to their oldest son).
But while we four were all quite small
My motherís health then took a fall
And, though still young, she sadly died
And, oh, how we four siblings cried.
We lived, back then, in Harlow House
When father took his second spouse,
(Who even shared my mother's name
For she, too, was a Mary Wane),
A cousin of my dear Mama
Who took a fancy to my Pa
She came to join our family
Though not, perhaps, too happily.
But we had cousins all around
Who lived within this busy town
And when their children came to play,
Whose homes were just along the way,
We really shared some jolly games
With all these Peaces, Gibbs and Wanes.
And then when I reached adulthood
With life appearing to be good
I too became quite sick and ill,
(Though I was sure I'd get well still),
But cancer was declared to be
The tumour that we couldn't see,
And so I died, not yet a wife
With still so much to give to life.

Mary Redington (May) died in the early 1900s and there was a large funeral service held for her at All Saints Parish Church. She was the daughter of William and Mary Redington and sister of William,Thomas and Marjorie. It was hoped that she would marry William Peace but he chose to marry her cousin, Florence Wane, instead.
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