William Henry John Peace born 1865
Peace, Jones and Company, Queen Square
Early shop front
Picture from the SWOP website
The early shop before the 1880s
Rebuilt premises with eaves
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 29064 The rebuilt shop

I didn’t want this job of mine,
It’s not where I should be,
I hoped another job I’d find,
Creative work’s for me,
For I can draw, quite well in fact,
But things like that are ‘out’
And actually I’d like to act
- Lor’ hear my father shout!
I want to be upon the stage,
A magic act you know,
But that won’t bring a weekly wage
A weekly magic show!
And so I work within the shop
And learn the draper’s trade
Checking in the wretched stock
And watching suits get made.

William worked for his father, James George Peace, at his shop in Queen Square.  He married Florence Wane who later worked in the china shop next door.  They were already related via the Redington family.

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