William Allen Treacher born 1810
Hill Farm, Marlow Hill
(1841 and 1871)

Location of Hill Farm
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 15365 (as it is now)

Now up upon old Marlow hill,
Where part of it is green grass still,
There stood the farmyard of my youth
Where, I, a lad and quite uncouth,
Would milk the cows and till the land
Where now the Wycombe High School stands,
But there was better pay in town
And so the hill I ventured down
And worked then as a landlord there
Dispensing out the brewers' fare,
I married well, a Furnell lass
And it's my wife, my Jane, who has
Connections to the Red Lion inn
For they were once her kith and kin.

William Allen Treacher was descended from the Treacher chair-making family. He married Jane Furnell whose family had previously run the Red Lion inn. After William and Jane had been at the Red Lion for nearly twenty years they retired to William's farm on Marlow Hill.
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